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Time4Science predavanja: Izv. prof. dr. sc. Tjaše Štrukelj i doc. dr. sc. Maje Rožman

Objavljeno: 27.05.2022

Pozivamo vas na predavanja u sklopu Time 4 Science koja će održati dvije kolegice s Univerze v Mariboru, Ekonomsko-poslovne fakultete - Tjaša Štrukelj i Maja Rožman. Predavanja će se održati u četvrtak, 9. lipnja 2022. od 11:00 h u dvorani 11, svako u trajanju od 30-ak minuta. Teme i opis predavanja nalaze se u nastavku.

Izv. prof. dr. sc. Tjaša Štrukelj 

Naslov: Business policy and strategic management for students' transversal competences

Sažetak: Purpose of the research is to prove that higher education institutions can develop appropriate competencies of students as required by the practice. Based on two quantitative and qualitative researches of student's transversal competencies entrepreneurship, creativity, teamwork and communication we found out that when using contemporary learning methods (e.g. case study, teamwork, brainstorming, pedagogical drama, six thinking hats, and other forms of gamification) the desired results can be achieved.

Doc. dr. sc. Maja Rožman

Naslov: Implementation of artificial intelligence in the company to increase work engagement and performance of the company: Quantitative research

Sažetak: Artificial intelligence is radically changing our lives and work. This raises the inevitable question of how artificial intelligence technologies affect businesses. Rapid development and the introduction of artificial intelligence encourage enterprise management to transform the way they work and  their business models. The involvement of artificial intelligence tools in various aspects of human resource management has recently been an extremely important aspect of research and an untapped resource for greater business performance. The purpose of the lecture is to present a multidimensional talent management model with embedded aspects of artificial intelligence in the human resource processes to increase employee's engagement and performance of the company. 

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