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Time 4 Science - održano predavanje Glenna Smitha

Objavljeno: 15.05.2019

U okviru projekta Time 4 Science, u srijedu, 15. svibnja 2019. u Vijećnici Fakulteta, predavanje na temu "A New Research Tool - web-based eBooks with Games" održao je profesor Glenn Smith sa Sveučilišta Južna Florida.

Opis predavanja:

To address the literacy crisis and decline in children’s recreational reading, we invented a new form of book, IMapBook, that adds games and social interaction into web-based eBooks. Students read pages of text, come to a game that can only be won by comprehending the previous text, & then read on. IMapBooks do indeed promote children’s reading comprehension & motivation to read (Smith, 2012). However, it turns out that IMapBooks are also a flexible tool for any research involving reading and digital interaction. Five studies, in different countries (China, Netherlands, USA, Saudi Arabia, & currently Slovenia) used IMapBooks for varied scientific questions. Dr. Smith briefly summarized major results from five studies that used IMapBook, and then demo the three different parts of the software: (1) eReader, (2) authoring system and (3) data collector/admin system.

O predavaču:

Glenn Smith works as an Associate Professor in Instructional Technology, in the Dept. of Educational & Psychological Studies in the College of Education, University of South Florida, Tampa. For the last seven years he has devoted his knowledge of educational psychology towards improving children’s literacy. He has invented a new technology that combines web-based eBooks with computer games.