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Centre for Volunteering and Humanitarian Work

CVHR was established with the goal to design and conduct volunteering and humanitarian activities of students, as well as of the FOI staff.


  • To create, implement and evaluate voluntary projects and activities on local, national and international level;
  • To organize and perform the education of volunteers;
  • To foster and include the students in voluntary projects and activities with the goal to develop the competences for the job market;
  • To promote volunteering and raise awareness of the needs of different individuals and socially underrepresented groups on the Faculty and in the local community;
  • To develop the network of volunteers on local and international level;
  • To include research methods in evaluation of volunteering activities.


  • Full Prof. Sandra Lovrenčić, Ph.D. - Head of Centre
  • Full Prof. Violeta Vidaček-Hainš, Ph.D. - Coordinator of volunteering activities
  • Jerry John Antolos, B.Sc.-IT - student's coordinator