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Enterpreneurship Laboratory

The mission of the laboratory is to continuously conduct research and projects with the aim of improving the teaching and dissemination of entrepreneurial practice and encourage the development of the startup community and the community of practitioners, which has an impact on innovation and development of business ideas.

List of activities

The mission of the laboratory is to create an infrastructure that would enable:

  • Continuation of existing and launching new research on learning for entrepreneurship, startups and innovation and integration of results into the educational program
  • More collaboration with other researchers in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Through work with students raising awareness of the need to develop entrepreneurial skills and initiatives
  • Continuing to teach the disciplines needed by the modern entrepreneur in the areas of entrepreneurial leadership, market strategy, entrepreneurial finance and business start-up skills
  • Supporting the alignment of national policies with EU recommendations and policies related to lifelong entrepreneurial learning
  • Increasing the transfer of research results into practice
  • Providing support to the local and national business community
  • More intensive and more frequent cooperation with small and medium enterprises and other types of organizations
  • Supporting students' efforts in expressing their creativity, developing ideas and starting an entrepreneurial venture

The goals are divided into three main groups:

1.) Research in the field of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education and innovation

  • Publishing scientific papers in scientific journals, in high-ranking conferences, publishing professional papers at professional conferences or conferences
  • Networking with other domestic and international partners active in entrepreneurship research
  • In addition to education, research and partnerships with small and medium enterprises and other organizations, the laboratory will also study and encourage social entrepreneurship

2.) Cooperation with students

  • Support to the work and activities of students, organization of workshops and seminars on topics of interest to students through which students can develop entrepreneurial skills and mentoring

3.) Cooperation with the economy

  • Strengthen cooperation with partner companies from Croatia with which there is already cooperation in the form of, for example, student internship agreements and offer them the knowledge and skills needed to start and grow a company
  • Local training for start-up entrepreneurs
  • Work on social innovation projects

We expect that the laboratory will help the Faculty of Organization and Informatics to achieve recognition among the leading institutions in the field of entrepreneurship education and innovation, known for research-based education

Member List

  • Assist. Prof. Kristina Detelj, PhD, head of the lab
  • Full Prof. Ksenija Vuković, PhD
  • Full Prof. Marina Klačmer Čalopa, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Vlado Kovšca, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Irena Kedmenec, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Ivan Malbašić, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Iva Gregurec, PhD
  • Assist. Prof. Zrinka Lacković Vincek, PhD
  • Ivana Đunđek Kokotec, PhD
  • Dina Korent, PhD
  • Tamara Šmaguc, PhD
  • Ivana Dvorski Lacković, Ph.D.
  • Marijana Bubanić, MA Econ
  • Ivana Fojs, MA Econ
  • Karolina Kokot, MA Econ