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Centre for Software Development

CZRPP was established to conduct the activities connected to the development of web applications and services and the maintenance of FOI e-learning system, to support the teaching process and to participate in different national and international projects.


  • To edit and maintain the web pages of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics
  • To continuously plan, develop and implement the information system of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics
  • To link the Faculty's information system with external systems
  • To develop applications according to the needs of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics
  • To administer and maintain and improve the existing applications
  • To support and educate users about the usage of applications
  • To research, track and implement new standards in application development and new information and communication technologies
  • To cooperate with other Centres at the Faculty
  • To plan, develop and improve e-learninginfrastructure
  • To plan and develop e-learning systems and other related services
  • To organize workshops and courses with the aim to familiarize teachers with the e-learning system
  • To support teachers and students regarding the usage of the e-learning system
  • To educate and specialize through participation in specialized courses, seminars and conferences
  • To support teachers during creation and maintenance of their courses in the e-learning system
  • To develop and maintain additional applications necessary for the e-learning process
  • To cooperate with the E-Learning Centre of the University of Zagreb
  • To join development and research projects of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics
  • To providing consulting on projects related to the usage of information and communication technologies;
  • To secure the IT support for the execution of projects
  • To development and maintain the applications for project purposes
  • To monitor, participate and promote open source code projects.

Contact us


+385 42 390 831