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Through collaboration with industry and researchers from the region, ERPlab@FOI should become a recognized point associated with the selection, implementation, support, testing and education of different ERP systems

Laboratory activities can be divided into 3 categories:

Application and support

  • to combine different ERP systems within the laboratory infrastructure
  • to test the functionality of different ERP systems
  • to establish collaboration with ERP manufacturers, partners and their clients
  • to run the „Student to Business“ and the "Student to ERP Specialist" programs

Research and development

  • to apply and implement scientific and professional projects
  • networking of scientists from the region
  • to apply new technologies in the context of ERP systems
  • to integrate with existing systems

Transfer of knowledge

  • to cunduct workshops, provide consulting and write project proposals with partners from the industry


  • Assoc. Prof. Ruben Picek, Ph.D. (Head)
  • Marko Mijač, M.Inf.
  • Asst.Prof. Darko Andročec, Ph.D.
  • Martina Šestak, M.Inf.
  • Dijana Peras, M.Inf.
  • Tanja Šestanj-Perić, M.Sc.
  • Suzana Keglević Kozjak, Ph.D.

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+385 42 390 859