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9th Student Symposium: Research Topics and Intercultural Learning

The 9th Student Symposium: Research Topics and Intercultural Learningtraditionally organized by FOI in collaboration with United States Universities was held from June 14th to 25th at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin.

This year's partners included the University of Cincinnati, Ohio (UC), the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida (UCF), the DePaul University of Chicago (UDP), State of Illinois and the University of South Carolina, Columbia, state of South Carolina, US.

So we welcomed our dear international guests - Susan McMahon UDP, Cheri Westmoreland UC, Valda Bronston UC, Elliot Vittes USC, Michael Aldarondo Jeffries UCF, Katie McMahon UDP, Mandy Bryant UDP, Ashley Sanchez UDP, Chance Brewer UCF, Bianca Pizarro Vazquez UCF, Darwins Olcima UCF, Saira Matthews UC, Sabrina Solis UC, Mantey Alvin UC, as well as students who are scholars of the TRIO McNair scholarship program of gifted students, often coming from under-represented groups. 

This event aims to encourage an international collaboration between students and teachers in the field of scientific research and networking with international research teams. Students had the opportunity to present the results of the projects they carried out at their American universities.

We thank 14 teachers and students from the US and a large number of FOI volunteers, teachers and students, who were involved in the implementation of this year's Symposium!

Read the entire program HERE.