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Center for International Projects

CMP designs and implements national and international projects of the Faculty as well as supports researchers and teachers to apply and implement international projects.


  • To participate in international and national projects (to coordinate research and development project as a leader as well as a partner)
  • To inform and educate interested researchers about the opportunities regarding national and international professional and research projects
  • To monitor project activities of the Faculty
  • To consult within international and national projects
  • To consult within the area of project management, budget planning, law, marketing, generic skills, ICT technologies within projects
  • To educate within the areas of expertize of the CMP
  • To perform workshops and trainings for potential leaders about the project application and implementation
  • To consult the potential leaders and participants
  • To provide on-line services (design and perform on-line trainings, web page, create and maintain other on-line services - newsletter, collaboration tools, glossaries etc.)

Contact us


+385 42 390 843


Petra Vondra
+385 42 390843
Josipa Bađari
Member of staff
+385 42 390843
Karlo Nadoveza
Member of staff
+385 42 390882
Laura Strupar
Member of staff
+385 42 390882
Barbi Svetec
Member of staff
+385 42 390837
Lana Škvorc
Member of staff
+385 42 390843