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Ohio student at FOI 2014

Student names: 
Heather Bayer
Place of residence: 
FOI Varaždin
During summer semester 2014/15, Heather Bayer, student from the Ohio, Clermont College University of Cincinnati studied at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics at the Undergratuated level of Study. The student exchange is result of the Bilateral agreement between those two Universities (signed 2014).

What are your impressions about Croatia?

Croatia was a beautiful and prideful country. Everyone I talked to was always so excited to tell me about Croatia and all it had to offer.

What do you think about Faculty of Organization and Informatics life?

FOI was extremely similar to my home institution of UC Clermont. Both were more specialized in terms of what classes they offered and as a result have only around 3000 students, but they both do their very best to make students feel like they are a part of the larger university. FOI had many more extracurriculars to offer their students though, student life went beyond the classroom, which was nice.

What were your expectations before arriving to Croatia?

I honestly had no idea what to expect. Croatia is such a small and new country that it was difficult for me to find any information that was helpful in preparing for the new environment. This forced me to just sort of ‘wing it’ and to try and be prepared for anything, which was actually quite nice as it opened me up to endless possibilities.

How did you find and how would you describe FOI students, how did the host you?
 FOI students are just like students in the U.S. They enjoy relaxing, having a good time, but will also find the time in their day to finish all of their work.

What did you learn about educational system in Croatia and are their similarities in the USA educational system or differences that you would like to highlight?

Croatia was much more into giving speeches and presentations while in the State's we are taught to write papers and do tons of research projects. Also, the exam schedules are totally different. In the U.S. we have one exam at the end that usually counts for about half your grade, but in Croatia it was a series of exams that I still don't totally understand.

Which part of your staying at FOI and in Croatia is most interesting? Why?

The carnival in Rijeka was really neat. It was interesting to see something so culutural that I had no idea even existed, even though we have something similar here in the States (Mardi Gras). Also, handball was something I had never even heard of before, and I had an interesting time trying to explain it to my friends and family back home.

Do you have any message to other international students that plan to come at FOI?

Just do it! Expect it to be a blast, but also remember that you're there for school. It will be one of the best things you ever do, but only if you let it be.

Would you like to add something that was not part of the survey?

I think this basically covered everything. Once again, I would just like to thank everyone for the amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to see where the FOI-UC Clermont cooperation goes from here!