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New Dean of FOI Prof. Marina Klačmer Čalopa elected

Created: 19.05.2023

Today, at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Full Prof. Marina Klačmer Čalopa, Ph. D. was elected as the new Dean of FOI for the next three-year term. New dean mandate begins in October 2023, with the beginning of the new academic year 23/24.

She was born in 1977 in Varaždin, where she completed primary and secondary education, and received her doctorate in 2008 at the Faculty of Business and Economics in Zagreb, with doctoral dissertation on the topic of Agent theory and corporate governance in the practice of Croatian joint-stock companies, under the mentorship of Full Prof. Silvije Orsag, Ph.D.

Since November 2001, she has been employed at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. As a full professor, she carries out teaching activities within the Department of Economics (Financial Institutions and Markets, Personal Finance, Management of Institutional Investors, Entrepreneurship) and the Department of Organization (Strategic Management, Corporate Management, Human Resource Management Strategy). She is a member of the Laboratory for Entrepreneurship and the Laboratory for Strategic Planning and Decision Making. She is the co-host of the course on the Doctoral Study Program on Information Science, and over the years she has introduced several new teaching programs and continuously innovates the existing teaching contents.

With extensive experience in the work of the Faculty Board, first as an associate member and head of the Economics of Entrepreneurship study, Professor Klačmer Čalopa comes to the position of Dean of the Faculty from the position of Vice Dean for Business and Human Resources. So far, she has participated in three scientific national projects of the Ministry of Science and Education. She was the coordinator of the IPA cross-border program Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013. Entrepreneurial education of pupils / student innovators of Europe (Edu-preneur), then coordinator of the Erasmus project European Business Skills and led the project 3P - Plan, Undertake, Promote from the ESF program. She was a collaborator on the Interreg project DIGITRANS and ABCitiEs and Horizon 2020 (CRISS). She actively participates in the e-Schools project, and as a researcher in the project Raising the Maturity of Higher Education Institutions for the Implementation of Learning Analytics, funded by the Croatian Science Foundation.

She is the author of a large number of scientific and professional papers and the university book Financial Institutions and the Capital Market, and is a member of the organizational and program committees of many scientific conferences.

Her area of ​​expertise is related to the areas of entrepreneurship, business finance, strategic management and corporate governance. In addition to the mentioned primary areas of interest, and due to participation in several scientific and professional projects, she expanded her interest to other areas as well.

In her new mandate, at the head of an institution with more than 150 employees and around 2,700 students, Marina Klačmer Čalopa emphasizes in her program the acquisition of international accreditations, increasing internationalization and project cooperation, as well as high-quality teaching and scientific work, based on continuous evaluation and modernization of study programs in the STEM interdisciplinary field and the application of interactive and exploratory learning, as well as creative and critical thinking in learning and teaching. Klačmer Čalopa also wants to place greater emphasis on strengthening human potential and training of scientists and FOI employees, with an emphasis on the inclusion of an increasing number of women in the interdisciplinary STEM field. One of the major challenges will be the internationalization of the Doctoral Study Program in Information Science and the establishment of the new Doctoral Study Program Digital Innovation Management in cooperation with the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Zagreb. She will continue to persist in expanding the spatial capacities of the Faculty through the project University Campus 2 - Varaždin and the construction of the Center for pre-incubation in smart industry, a project that FOI in cooperation with the City of Varaždin submitted to the ITU mechanism.

The Dean is elected by the Faculty Council for a period of three years, and the mandate can only be repeated once consecutively.