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New FOI Dean elected - Assoc. Prof. Nina Begičević Ređep, PhD

Created: 23.04.2019

With a total of 58 votes (83 percent), assoc. Prof. Nina Begičević Ređep, PhD is elected new Dean of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics for the mandate of two years. Her mandate begins in October 2019, with the beginning of the new academic year 2019/2020.

Nina Begičević Ređep was born in 1980, in Varaždin. She graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, in 2003 and two years later she completed her postgraduate master's degree in Business Management Systems. She was also an US Government scholar at the University of Pittsburgh - Katz Graduate School of Business, through Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) from December 2007 till June 2008.

Since 2009 she has been teaching at Faculty of Organization and Informatics, first as an assistant professor and then as an associate professor in business decision making, strategic planning, education technology and the application of digital technologies in education and e-learning.

She is a co-author and author a number of books and monographs, as well as more than 60 scientific articles. She co-operated with some of the most respected scientists and professors in the USA, such as Thomas L. Saaty, PhD - the inventor, architect and primary theoretician of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), as well as Enrique Mu, PhD – an expert in Management of Information Systems at the University of Pittsburgh.

Nina Begičević Ređep is also a member of 6 international conference programme boards, editor of the international scientific journal IJAHP and a reviewer of a dozen of other international scientific journals. She has received 9 awards for her work in science and education in Croatia and abroad, of which an Award for scientific achievement and creativity in AHP-a (Analytic Hierarchy Process) application, she received in Chile in 2007, especially must be highlighted.

She has been a member of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics Board for the last seven years, currently acting as a Vice Dean for scientific research and international relations. In October 2019 she will take over this duty as the youngest candidate and the first female dean in the history of FOI.

PHOTO CREDIT: Viktor Hranić (photographer), Luka Šalamun (assistant)