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FSec Underground Lecture

Created: 03.05.2018

FSec lectures on "Threat intelligence, detection and response @ scale" were held at FOI on 11th of May 2018.

The lectures gave an overview of how security works in the modern world, considering the role of system intelligence threats, and how to build a modern security team. Special emphasis was given to the challenges of scalability. Besides that, the lectures were discussing problems and opportunities that appear when working with Planetary Networks with millions of elements.

Three Googlers shared their experiences within FSec:

  • Branko Spasojević - senior security engineer at Google. He works on detecting and analysing attacks. He is currently managing malware analysis and information gathering on advanced attackers.
  • Dražen Popović - security Engineer. He is dedicated to new ways of detecting threats through statistical modelling and artificial intelligence.
  • Domagoj Klasić - senior security engineer at Google and FOI OSS alumni. He works on developing expert systems for early detection of threats and automatic analysis of incidents.

In addition to lectures, Google's team recruited participants for Google.