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Faculty of Organization and Informatics Day 2019.

Created: 11.12.2019

The ceremony to mark the Day of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb was held on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin. The ceremony marked the 57th anniversary of the Faculty and the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty, regarding the transformation of the former Higher School of Economics in Varaždin into the Faculty of Organization and Informatics.

The ceremonial session of the Faculty Council begun at the Croatian National Theater in Varazdin with a welcome speech by the Dean of the Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Nina Begičević Ređep, Ph.D. and other high-ranked guests.

The inaugural session was an opportunity for the Dean of the Faculty to reflect on FOI achievements over the past academic year. She emphasized that FOI is a leading higher education institution, which ranks among the top five in the region in education and research in IT, organization and business, recognizable for its innovative approach to learning and teaching, the development of digital age competencies, as well as projects and international cooperation. Project-based teaching, one of the most advanced systems of professional practice and numerous innovations in teaching, accompanied by modern technology in which students themselves participate, are distinguished by FOI, one of the largest and oldest higher education institution within the largest Croatian university, the University of Zagreb.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to award students, faculty and non-teaching staff.

Students were rewarded for outstanding achievement during their studies, as well as for success based on the average grade point achieved. Students rewarded are: Erik Đuranec, Dino Hrašćanec, Aldin Alagic, Lucija Vrbanić, Tihana Grbac, Lucija Trojko, Nino Oreskovic, Ivica Bermanec, Lidija Zoric, Antonio Petek, Dino Klicek, Mateo Krcić, Anamarija Jelaković, Kristina Ivatović, Dora Novograckić, Dora Trogrlic, Tadija Malić, Karla Česković, Ivan Solić, Monika Tenšić, Matija Topličanec, Dora Ćurkovic, Valentina Kolačko, Katarina Ban, Stjepan Rakarec, Anamarija Grkavac, Lorena Pikl, Lea Treska, Kristina Taradi, Petra Štefić, Damjan Baričević, Tajana Šokec, Karlo Strahija, Maja Benkus, Marko Črepinko, Kresimir Ćuric, Luka Garić, Igor Košmerl, Miro Krištofić. This year, ARBONA - FOI's Strategic Partner rewarded one student for excellence in studying and participation in extracurricular activities, Ivan Oršolić.

Each year, FOI also rewards a “Friend of FOI”. This year Susan Loubet, director of International Cooperation Office at ESIEA from France was rewarded.

Among the teachers, the Dean's Award was received by Assoc. prof. Katarina Tomičić - Pupek, Ph.D. for special achievements in scientific and teaching work, Petra Žugec, Ph.D. for successful young scientist, while the Dean's Award for Lifetime Achievement was received by professor Ruža Brčić, Ph.D. and professor Vesna Dušak, Ph.D. The Dean's Award for dedicated work was received by FOI staff member Miodrag Levačić and Dario Grd for his outstanding efforts. Special acknowledgment by the Dean of the FOI was given to professor Zlatko Erjavec, Ph.D. for a distinguished scientific publication in 2018. It is also important to point out
that Nenad Milijaš, director of the Students Center Varaždin was awarded for successful business cooperation.

Congratulations to everyone!

The ceremony was enhanced by the Academic Choir of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, under the direction of maestro professor Janja Knapić.