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Library help

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if I do not return the book within the prescribed deadline?

The users who keep the books beyond deadlines will receive a written reminder to their home address. Overdue fees are charged according to the library pricelist.

  1. Are there charges for late returns?

The users are charged overdue fee according to the library pricelist.

  1. Do users have access to the entire library fund?

       The entire library fund is processed and available for search in the library's online catalogue.

  1. Are all library materials available for borrowing?

All library materials are available to users in the library. Exceptionally, the library does not borrow the rare, valuable or highly requested materials.

  1. How to use online library catalog?

Use a simple user guide to search the online library catalog.

  1. How to become a member of the library?

To become a member of the library you need to register with your student identity card (x-ica) or the Index. The Index is obligatory for the postgraduate student memberships.

  1. Where can I check what I have borrowed and when I need to return the borrowed materials?

Each member of the FOI library has personal user account. The user account can be accessed within the library catalogue using a personal AAI identity and it allows the monitoring of the current debit, previously read, the reservation of new or renewal of the borrowed books.

  1. When does membership in the library end?

A student ends to be a member of the library after the graduation, and an employee of the   Faculty by the termination of the employment contract.

  1. I lost / damaged the book. What shall I do?

If you loss or damage the borrowed material, you are required to obtain an identical copy of the material. If there is no material in the market, the user is obligated to pay the fee in the amount of the purchase value of that material.

  1. Does library charge the memebership fee?

The membership in the library is free of charge.

  1. How long can I borrow a material from library?

The books are lent for 30 days. Frequently used materials required for writing seminar papers and essays is borrowed for a shorter period according to the estimation of a librarian.

  1. Is it possible to renew the material?

The materials can be renewed once for up to 15 days from the initial due date. That is possible just in case the materials were not requested from other users. 

  1. How can I renew the book?

The user can renew the book personally in the library, via phone, e-mail or via the library's online catalog.

  1. Can I put a request/reservation on an item?

You may place a request if an item is borrowed by another user. 

  1. How can I book library materials?

Library materials can be booked by the user in the library via phone, e-mail or via the library's online catalogue.

  1. Do I receive a notice that the reserved material is available?

The librarian informs the user that the reserved material is available.

  1. Is there a deadline for borrowing the reserved material?

After notification, the user takes over the material within two working days.