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The framework of using artificial intelligence tools in teaching, student work, and research at the UNIZG FOI

Created: 13.05.2024

Univeristy of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics recognizes the significant role of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in shaping and improving learning, teaching, and scientific research activities. Therefore, FOI promotes the use of AI tools as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity within the academic community, while simultaneously ensuring that the use of these tools is carried out in a responsible, ethically acceptable, and legally regulated manner.

Recognizing the importance and potential of AI tools in the academic environment, especially the tools of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) as a computer technology that creates data that look or sound as if they were created by a human being, FOI is committed to ensuring that the use of these technologies is in accordance with high ethical, educational and scientific standards. In line with the aforementioned, the principles of using AI at FOI are defined as follows in this document.