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FOI provides the opportunity to study and work for Ukrainian students and teachers affected by the war

Aware of the seriousness of the situation and the catastrophic consequences that have befallen the entire academic community in Ukraine, where normal work at universities has been disabled, the FOI has offered Ukrainian universities the opportunity for students to continue with their studies and for scientists and teachers to continue with their work.

Given that the international scientific community on social networks (#ScienceForUkraine) has started collecting information about universities, scientific institutions and other organizations within the system that can be of help to Ukrainian students and researchers, as the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI), University of Zagreb, we decided to also offer help and support in further work, as well as in the study process.

Since we are present as a Faculty in four northwestern Croatian cities - Varaždin, Sisak, Zabok and Križevci and we are focused on conducting study programs as well as research and development projects in the field of informatics, economics and business, we offered our help to all Ukrainian students, teachers and researchers, with whom the University of Zagreb has bilateral cooperation. Following these unfortunate events, for which we cannot predict how long and what their outcome will be, we make available to students of these universities the opportunity to attend our courses in English, and cooperation within our teaching and research activities to professors.

That includes:

  • Free continuation of education in Croatian or English;
  • Possibility of completing part of the studies at our faculty (student exchange program);
  • Performing professional practice within the organizational units of the faculty;
  • Involvement in teaching and research projects;
  • Psychological counseling.

Information on our project activities and research groups can be found here, a brochure for international students here, and a list of English language courses and workshops here. We invite all Ukrainian students and teachers who want to continue with their studies/work at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, to contact us at, and those who are already in Varaždin can contact us directly at the FOI International Relations Office (Pavlinska 2).

Find more information on social networks with the hashtag #foiForUkraine.