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Laboratory for Open Systems and Security

OSS Lab is established with the aim to gather all professionals and students interested in the ICT Security and Open Systems research.


  • to supervise students interested in the field of ICT security and open systems
  • to enable the work with modern equipment
  • to link students with the industry
  • to improve the methods of security system testing
  • to design security architecture
  • to research application security
  • to research applied cryptography
  • to improve the curriculum and foster the competences of students
  • to research IoT security
  • to organize FSec symposium
  • to organize skill sharing and meetups regarding the information security
  • to foster cooperation with the industry and to design new projects that include research and professional work in the field
  • to support research problems in the field of research lab
  • to enable education in the field of security
  • to enable the work, cooperation and the transfer of knowledge.

Contact us


+385 42 390 852




  • Tonimir Kišasondi, PhD (Head)
  • Prof. Željko Hutinski, PhD
  • Asst. Prof. Renata Mekovec, PhD
  • Jurica Ševa, PhD
  • Petra Grd,PhD
  • Ivan Švogor, M. Inf.